N4G Interview & Child’s Play Auction Names

Cathlin Sentz from the awesome N4G site has interviewed our Fire Chief— you should read it, it’s cool. And by reading it, you will become cool too, or your money back.

Also, this part is particularly interesting:

CS: You recently had players help choose the names for two characters in the game, Zephyr, the angel, and Joule, the masked character. What about the other character names – like the two chosen by the Child’s Play auction winners?
EG: Oh man! GOOD MEMORY. We were gonna post them on our website soon, but you know what? If anyone has read this far in the interview they deserve the scoop. So here they are, the naming debut of two more characters: The girl is Pen Yen, and the demon is J.S. Bull. Both names have great stories behind them, we’re really happy with the result.

So, there you have it!  The winning names from our Child’s Play auctions were Pen Yen and J.S. Bull!