Petition for Custom Button Remapping

Hey scrappers, allow me to introduce you to Chuck Bittner, a quadriplegic stand-up comedian and the mind behind  Chuck has a problem with games that many gamers and developers may have not considered: custom button remapping is critical for handicapped folk to be able to play games, but this “feature” is non-existent in many modern titles.  Different controller presets have become more common, but these can’t meet the unique needs of every avid gamer.

With PAX East right around the corner, Chuck will have an opportunity to present his case to developers from around the globe.  He’s started a petition to show developers just how much support he has (over 35,000 signatures so far!), so sign up and help out a good cause!

In case you don’t know (or if you haven’t read Eitan’s thesis), we’re all strong supporters of accessible gaming.  As such, it seemed like a no brainer for us to include completely customizable controls in Slam Bolt Scrappers.  We even went a step further and created “beverage mode,” allowing people to play SBS with only one hand.  To be honest, adding these control modifications with the limited resources of a small team wasn’t a trivial task.  But we did it. And if we can make it happen, so can all the big name developers out there. Video games have reached a tipping point where they’ve spilled into mainstream entertainment, so developers should work hard to make sure that everyone who wants to enjoy their game, can.

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  1. it’s excellent to see this, and i wonder why more sites are not showing more support, beats me.

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