Ultimate Tournament of Awesomeness Update

As we head in to our second elimination round, I wanted to do a quick update about our Ultimate Tournament of Awesomeness. For those of you unsure of what that is, here’s the original post. In essence, teams face off, you vote on our facebook page. (You dictate your terms for who gets your vote.)

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There were some pretty hairy battles in our first round– notably Cthulhu vs. Muscle Jesus and Cowboys vs. Aliens.

Also, we found this awesome zombie cyborg unicorn, so how can you go wrong there?

by Githgulcag on Deviantart.com

What’s at Stake?

As we head into the second round, we’re going to up the ante.  Not only will the winning team be paid homage by Fire Hose dressing up as them for your amusement, but one lucky person who picks the winning team will win a free copy of our game.  That’s right.  It’s all your wildest dreams come true– cosplay AND free games.

To enter your predictions for who will win, head over to our discussions on facebook and predict away.