hats from slam bolt scrappers

How to Win a Free Copy of Slam Bolt Scrappers at PAX East

hats from slam bolt scrappers

Hey Scrappers,

Are you going to PAX East?  Do you want to know how to win a free copy of Slam Bolt Scrappers?  Here’s the key:


Hats like this are +1 crazy.

The Fire Hose team will be at PAX in booth 1133 showing off Slam Bolt Scrappers (you may notice us by our funny, red fire fighter hats).  If you come by our booth and think your crazy hat can out crazy our crazy hat, grab someone on the team and show them your crazy… hat! We will randomly be selecting a handful of crazy hat wearers to receive free copies of the game.  Of course, you’ll get extra points if you slap a Slam Bolt Scrappers sticker on your hat!

A crazy hat means a hat that is notable or unusual in some way.  In other words, wearing a Red Sox hat might not get you a ton of attention, but wearing a top hat or a party hat on top of it will probably catch our collective eye.

Oh and, spread the word!  The more hat-wearers, the better.  Because, as you already know, Slam Bolt Scrappers is partially a game about hats.

When designing SBS, one of the first things we talked about was “How can we reward players for completing particularly difficult challenges in a meaningful way?”  Trophies are great and all, but they don’t really have any impact on the game itself.  So, in SBS, when you unlock a trophy, you automatically get a new hat that your player can wear in the game.  This seemed like a great extension of trophies, but we ended up getting a little carried away.

We came up with many more hats and challenges than we originally anticipated.  So we added in a “Challenges” list with 10-20 hats (and challenges) in addition to those already associated with trophies.  These challenges were a really fun way for us to show gamers what we, the developers, thought were difficult tasks.  One of the most serious challenges was a 1v2 match with one player against 2 computer players on hard.  We literally spent days playing matches against the computer trying to beat this challenge – one of our brave testers tried for at least 3 hours straight.  Finally, one of the programmers figured out how to do it, so we held a massive celebration involving… hats.  Yeah, we’re pretty cool.


  1. Owen Raccuglia

    Nothing I could do would ever measure up to using a pirate hook as a hat.

  2. no shoe on head… disappoint.

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