Japan relief efforts, detailed Slam Bolt Scrappers design posts coming

While we’re obviously ecstatic about the release of our game, there’s some serious stuff going on in the world that is probably a bit more deserving of attention at the moment. By now I’m sure you’re all aware of what happened in Japan the past few days (and what’s going on now with reactor worries). There are some great game led efforts to raise funds going on, and they’re worth a look.

Cat from N4G has put together a good list of sites you can donate to that are doing relief efforts now. Brian Crecente from Kotaku is putting together a concert/auction/party type fundraiser in Denver in a few days too, and we plan on donating some SBS stuff for the auction as well. Definitely a great cause.

Let’s move on to some more fun news now. Our friend Jason McIntosh (the Warbler’s Nest) wrote a great piece about us scrapping (get it? get it?) the early designs for our game here, and it’s a terrific read.

Also, next week I’ll be posting a 5 part series on the design process behind SBS, with each day Monday – Friday exploring in depth a different iteration of the game, what we cut, and what we kept. If you care about game design at all you’re going to love it, so be sure to come back next week! We’ll have videos, images, and lots of details on the tough choices we had to make.

Finally, did you know that there is a fantastic twitter account for Professor Farnsworth? Apparently it’s just a bot that retweets any tweet that starts with “Good News, Everyone!” and it’s awesome.

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