NEW BLOCK ALERT: Orange Ping Pongs!

Ping Pongs:

  • Stop some attacks from hitting your tower
  • Reflect these attacks right back at your enemy’s blocks
  • Make lasers bounce back and forth across the screen in an awesomely psychedelic light show that makes Pink Floyd jealous

The basic defensive options in Slam Bolt Scrappers come down to the blue shield blocks, which I talked about yesterday, and the awesomely powerful, rocket powered orange ping pong paddles you see above.  Instead of fortifying your tower, orange ping pong blocks have the unique ability to reflect incoming attacks from your opponent’s weapons.  So, not only do they prevent your tower from getting hurt, but they deal that damage right back at your enemy.  Missiles flying at your tower?  Just knock ’em back with ping pong paddles.  Lasers shooting towards your blocks?  Your ping pong paddles got it covered.  Their awesome combination of offensive and defensive qualities make ping pong blocks a crucial part of any scrapping strategy.  Not to mention that it looks really cool to see a bunch of missiles stopped mid air by a hoard of flying ping pong paddles!

Here’s a quick clip from our walkthrough video of ping pongs in action: