Slam Bolt Scrappers takes over PSN and our story is on Penny Arcade

OK, I’m seriously pumped. It’s incredible how much of a roller coaster the past 24 hours have been. First the game goes up on PSN. Then BAM, the entire store is reskinned with a SBS theme. AMAZING. And then if that wasn’t enough, today Tycho let us post our story on Penny Arcade. I don’t even know what to say at this point, I’m totally floored at the support we’ve been getting.

So maybe I won’t say anything about the game, and will instead just say thanks to everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying playing Slam Bolt Scrappers as much as we enjoyed making the game.

For those of you new here to the website, welcome! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting more information about how we created Slam Bolt Scrappers and the challenges we faced along the way, so if you’re aspiring to jump into the indie game dev biz this might be as good a place to start reading up as any. I also wrote a great post last year on last year’s PAX East panel about starting your own indie studio, maybe you’ll enjoy giving it a read.


  1. Quentin

    Hey eitan how are you? I’ve got the impression you really enjoy your job. So have fun and come to see us.

  2. Yes! This job is even more fun than the biotech stuff I was doing in Marseilles. I will try to come and visit as soon as I can!

    Grab the game and give it a shot, you can play it in French! (Europeans only, sorry Americans, you only get English)

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