The wait is over! Slam Bolt Scrappers is out on PSN TODAY!!!!11one!

A quick note: All of us at Fire Hose are really concerned about everyone caught up in the Japan disasters. Our thoughts go out to you, and we hope that our Japanese friends and fans are safe.

YESSSSS!!! Today is the day! After 2.5 years of love, Slam Bolt Scrappers is finally out today on the PlayStation Network! We’re ecstatic here at the office, and can’t wait for all of you to finally have the chance to experience first hand what we’ve put our heart and soul into.

If you’ve played the game before, and you probably have if you’re here, then please go check out the final version online, we’re really proud of it. If you haven’t then go check out the free demo on PSN and see what we’re all about. We know you’re going to love it.

Thanks to all the fans and people who made this game possible! Our full list of credits are after the jump.

People who made Slam Bolt Scrappers possible:

Sharat Bhat, Ethan Fenn, Jeff Ward, Jason Wiser, Jacques Pena, Nico Corrao, David Abfall, Dragan Grubesic, Alec Shobin, Eric Orr, Franco Galletta, Jeffrey Nickel, Abe Stein, Burak Besir, Evan Biela, Jonathan Buonocore, Ethan Fenn, Michael Heller, Alan Lenarcic, Jul Gi Kang, Allie Brownell, Zach Fand, James Lauerman, Duncan MacLeod, Sergio Miranda-Elmaleh, Anthony Novak, David Olsen, Brian Sojkowski, Matt “Dot Zeb” Zaborowski, Tovah Heller, David Nelson, Tiffany Otto, Caroline Himmelman, Jason Beene, Ron Carmel, Mike Cavaretta, Carol T. Chung, Justin Cooney, Dr. Ian Lane Davis, Vicky Wu Davis, Vincent Diamante, Mike Dornbrook, Rik Eberhardt, David Edery, Bill Elliott, Brent Fox, Thomas Garver, Elana, Ephraim, Rinat, and Keren Glinert, Lou Goldish, Elizabeth Irvine, Jamie Jones, Taksapaun Kittiakrastien, Eric Klopfer, Vivian Lam, Ichiro Lambe, Eric Malafeew, Roberta McCarthy, Ravi Mehta, Katie Morgan, Mohammad Musa, Tim Page, JB Parkes, Lydia and Herman Pena, Mike Rapa, Albert Reed, Trey Reyher, Eric Robinson, Jeff Rubenstien, Adam Saltsman, Tony Scelfo, Philip Tan, George Valavanis, Jacqueline Valdez, Nathan Vella, Sara Verrilli, Duncan Watt, K. Adam White, Morissa and Yaela Wiser, Kathrin Witt, and Jerry Wolosenko.

The following organizations helped us a lot too:

Boston Game Development Community, Boston Indies, Indiebiz and the rock star indies on it, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Education Arcade, MIT Venture Mentoring Services, Penny Arcade Expo Boston Indies Showcase, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Sony Online Entertainment LLC, Singapore MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, and of course everyone who played our game!


  1. Blue

    That’s awesome but… where is it?

  2. Just checked PSN at approximately 11 AM PST, March 15, 2011, and the game isn’t available yet. :::( I’ve been looking forward to this game for years and it looks like I’m going to have to wait a little bit more. *sob*

  3. It’ll be up soon guys! The PSN store will probably update between 3 and 9pm EST. Hang tight!

  4. paperkut

    What is the trophy list? Wondering what it will be so I know what I am up against. 😀

  5. Steve W.

    I wanted to congratulate you guys on putting out a great game that I’ve been waiting a long time to play since first getting my hands on at E3 last year.

    It’s well worth the cost and I’d also like to voice some support for the article that’s posted on Kotaku.

    Keep on rocking and making great games!

    P.S. Local multi-player does indeed rule!

  6. Interesting question about the trophy list – instead of just putting in trophies as a stand alone feature, every trophy corresponds to an unlockable hat. So when you get a trophy, you get a hat! SWEET.

  7. Cody Bauman

    Purchased. Loved you guys at PAX East and am having fun in the campaign so far. Am excited to get my friends together and play.

  8. Game bought, hats worn! Congratulations!

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