Snuggle Truck out on iOS! Bonus: Ginned up controversy

Our good friends over at Owlchemy Labs have just come out with their new game, Snuggle Truck, for the iPhone and iPad. And it’s awesome! In the game you control the driver of a flatbed pickup filled with a bunch of cute stuffed animals, and speed up and slow down the truck by tilting the iDevice. As you zip around your truck bounces on the uneven ground and the cute animals can pop out. If all the animals fall out you lose! Every now and then a baby animal flies out and you have to catch it, doing so gets you a rocket boost.

The game is super fun and feels like a mobile version of one of our favorite games, Trials HD. It’s silly, fun, frequently hard, and the kind of game that you’ll play over and over and share with your friends. And we’re not just saying that because Alex and Yilmaz are two of the most awesome Boston Indie developers (but they are, did we mention that?).

There’s also been a fair amount of silly, ginned up controversy over the game. Originally titled Smuggle Truck, you were supposed to help illegal immigrants cross the border to get into the US. The game was a parody based in part off their friends’ trouble immigrating here. However it got picked up a few months back by Fox News and a few others who didn’t understand that the game was satire and took it at face value, complaining that the game was corrupting teh childrens or something. The upshot of all this was that the original game got rejected by Apple despite being high quality and fun, and Owlchemy had to resubmit with the new title. It’s kind of ridiculous, but I suppose that any press is good press and at least they got a ton of coverage out of this.

Go check out the game now if you haven’t yet! They’ve also got a PC/Mac version if you don’t have a fancy iWhatever. Congrats Owlchemy!

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  1. Thanks for the post Eitan! You’re right, Trials HD was a wonderful inspiration for us. Should have called it Trials with Teddys.

    Ah well, too late.

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