Weighing in on the PSN outage

By now you’ve probably noticed the PlayStation Network all over the news, it appears that the service was hacked and user information was compromised. It’s recently escalated to the point where somehow Sony is explaining the situation to Congress!

A lot of people have been asking us lately how the PSN outage impacts Fire Hose Games. Obviously it’s been a huge bummer for us as people can’t buy Slam Bolt Scrappers right now, and we hope the problem is resolved quickly! With any luck we’ll be able to get SBS involved in the Welcome Back program or something similar when the store comes back online.

It’s also important to remember not to blame Sony for this. Near as I can tell this was much more a product of competent hackers than incompetent security. Unfortunately this sort of thing does happen on a regular basis (remember back when Gawker got hacked?), and I think that Sony’s handling of the situation has been pretty decent so far. We also feel that Sony has been a good partner to work with, so we’re trying to keep things in perspective and keep our Zen.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting, those of you who were smart enough to download Slam Bolt Scrappers already can enjoy the awesome non-networked multiplayer in the comfort of your own homes.  I recommend surrounding yourself with friends, cursing each other and swearing vengeance after each match.


  1. I think everyone should come oto my house and play some SBS! BYOB AND WINGS!

  2. Just wandered in off the web and wanted to commend you on your refreshing take. Everyone seems to be jumping on the ‘attack Sony’ band wagon and it’s beginning to get frustrating!

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