Play this game: Esoterica America

Ever feel like your video games don’t have enough consipracy theories, secret illuminati like societes, meditating aliens, or insane “spiritual” rambling? Well never fear, because Esoterica America has got you covered. YEAH!

I’ve never seen a video game that has managed to continually surprise us as much as Esoterica America. Here’s a partial list of the things you’ll do in the game:

  • Meditate through various underground societies scattered throughout Washington DC
  • Talk to your dead father
  • Listen to a space fetus pontificate on life
  • Help a stuttering former soccer superstar get over his past shame for missing an important goal
  • View a picture of Jesus riding a velociraptor, with the caption “Never Forget”
  • Tell a man that he should stop being so racist and should love his gay son
  • Enjoy some hilariously over the top voice acting
  • Ride on a public transit bus that sounds like a jet
  • Communicate with aliens via crystal ball
  • See several frames of animation
  • Sing Bob Marley songs

Really, I don’t think any review of the game can do it justice. If you play this you will find yourself constantly surprised and, most likely, frequenly laughing (especially if you play with friends). The game costs $3 on Xbox Live Indie Games and is definitely worth checking out.

Score: 4 out of 5 masonic hieroglyphics. Buy it and play it if you really want to see something different.