Slam Bolt Scrappers Post Mortem

Ever wonder what we think of Slam Bolt Scrappers? What we feel we did well, and where we think we goofed? Well, today is your lucky day! Last night I spoke at the monthly video game developer meet up here in Boston and gave a run down of what went well and what didn’t go well while we were making Slam Bolt Scrappers (what is called a post mortem in the vernacular), and it was really interesting!

In the talk I discuss how we messed up (tutorial problems, too chaotic), how we did well and got lucky (working with SOE, getting the game out early and often), and what was bittersweet (not putting in networked multiplayer, being especially innovative). If you are a SBS fan or interested in how games are made I highly suggest checking it out, it’s a fun watch!

Also, here are the slides if you want to check them out:


  1. I like the empty beer glass already on the table at the outset of the talk.
    “Eitan’s Stupid” sounds like an awesome name for a game, hahaa. Can’t wait for more info on Go Home Dinosaurs.
    As always, you make thoughtful points and are unabashedly honest with what went wrong while making SBS. I think the biggest problem with the game, and you mentioned this, is the chaos. I was playing it the other night with three other people and one of my buddies literally said, “this is too much for me right now.” We were drinking and playing, and after a few SBS matches switched to You Don’t Know Jack because it’s easier to be inebriated and play a quiz game. I love Slam Bolt because I’m good at video games. When I first met you guys at PAX Prime 2010 and played the game, I needed little explanation on what to do. To me it was simple: build towers, harass opponents, win. To many people, though, it’s just too much. Soft-serve game players have a tough time processing all of the madness on screen, but I love the fact that I have to take so many things into consideration at once. It’s like in crazy bullet-hell shmups when you have to get into the zone to dodge everything to stay alive.
    I really wish I lived in Boston to play test the game. If I visit any friends up there I’ll be sure to stop by. If not, I’ll see y’all in Seattle later this summer. You owe me a beer for making me pay for a Slam Bolt shirt. Hahaha, I keeed.

  2. Really wished i could’ve made it to this post mortem. Really a great bit of info. I love seeing the the start to finish process that you guys had and i rally think in the end you made something wonderfully addictive.

  3. You guys are awesome, thanks. And the beer I was drinking was the third one, the first cup was already gone by the time I started.

  4. I miss BPM :-(. Thanks for posting the video!

    It’s good to hear that you guys are already busy on your next game. Also, totally kickass job with the promo image–it’s got a very memorable style.

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