Correction on Slam Bolt Scrappers Post Mortem

Egg on our face time!

I’ve gotta own up. Last week at the post mortem talk about Slam Bolt Scrappers I misspoke and inadvertently misrepresented the current state of Gamebryo. I said that it was dead, which is not the case – in fact it the engine is very much alive and is still in development thanks to Gamebase Co., Ltd. What I should have said during the talk was that the uncertainty of the future of the Gamebryo engine is what had us concerned.

I apologize for the confusion that my misstatement caused. Working with Gamebryo on Slam Bolt Scrappers was an absolute pleasure and Emergent (and more recently Gamebase) went above and beyond in terms of being a good partner for our studio. I’d definitely recommend the engine to any devs looking for a great cross platform solution for their game.

Whew! I feel better. Time to go play some Mrs. Splosion Man. That game is awesome.