Halloween at Fire Hose!

This year at Fire Hose we had Link, Lady and Lord Gaga, a gameboy, Harray Caray, The 10th Doctor, Ninetales, a Lemming, a tuxedo-clad deer, and not one but two Batmans.


Halloween is a time for gathering with friends, dressing in a ridiculous manner, and demanding candy from strangers. Recently a storm swept through Massachusetts that threatened to put Halloween on hiatus; but our party beat the storm by a day! We were able to drink, be merry, dance, and play Rock Band to our heart’s content all before two feet of snow found it’s way to Massachusetts.

We would love to know what you are all up to this Halloween. Did you dress up like a Splicer to frighten your neighbors? Put together your last pieces of battle armor to trick-or-treat Spartan style? Whatever it is that you were up to, send us some pics of you in your costume and you could get featured on an upcoming blog!


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Go Home Dinosaurs is in good company as an entry in this year’s Independent Games Festival

The Independent Games Festival is the longest running and largest independent games festival in the world; and Fire Hose Games just helped to break an IGF record.

The 14th Annual IGF is boasting a record breaking 568 entries into this year’s main Indie Game competition, and of course you know that Go Home Dinosaurs is one of them.

The IGF is like The Sundance Film Festival, but for games. It is held in conjunction with the Games Developers Conference where an Independent Games Festival pavilion is set up to show off the competition finalists.

What does the IGF mean for Fire Hose? It gives us and other indie game developers a chance to give our games a nice spotlight. It also allows us a chance to look at what some other indie studios are up to.

Speaking of other indie studios (slick transition right?) Outer Space Studios caught our tweet about IGF the other day and blogged about it on Read More

Kate: on the Fire Hose Blog, Twitter, and Facebook, reading your posts

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kate and I am the new Community Manager and resident Gal Friday at Fire Hose Games. What does that mean for you? That means that you will be seeing more updates, more exclusive Fire Hose games information, and more interaction between Fire Hose and their fans than ever before.

The party has started and it is here.

There is so much that I want to talk about– Slam Bolt Scrappers is more than likely the best tower strategy meets brawling match up I have ever played and there will be lots of news about that title coming up soon. (Speaking of which if you haven’t played SBS yet why not go ahead and fix that over at the PSN store? ^_^ ) Go Home Dinosaurs is ridiculously fun and educational. (Did you know that dinosaurs were, in fact, made of bacon? True story.)

For my first post though I just want to say hello and tell you a bit about myself… By which I mean I will provide a quick rundown of the games I am …

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