Kate: on the Fire Hose Blog, Twitter, and Facebook, reading your posts

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kate and I am the new Community Manager and resident Gal Friday at Fire Hose Games. What does that mean for you? That means that you will be seeing more updates, more exclusive Fire Hose games information, and more interaction between Fire Hose and their fans than ever before.

The party has started and it is here.

There is so much that I want to talk about– Slam Bolt Scrappers is more than likely the best tower strategy meets brawling match up I have ever played and there will be lots of news about that title coming up soon. (Speaking of which if you haven’t played SBS yet why not go ahead and fix that over at the PSN store? ^_^ ) Go Home Dinosaurs is ridiculously fun and educational. (Did you know that dinosaurs were, in fact, made of bacon? True story.)

For my first post though I just want to say hello and tell you a bit about myself… By which I mean I will provide a quick rundown of the games I am playing that were not created by Fire Hose. ^_~

I am currently playing RE4 on the XBOX 360.I am also dabbling with Atlus’ Catherine and am looking forward to both 2K Games’ XCOM and BioShock Infinite from Irrational. I am also a big fan of Twisted Pixel’s Mr. and Ms. Splosion Man. I am especially fond of Ms. Splosion Man singing bits of Spice Girls songs. ^_^

Everybody loves to splode.

I enjoy several different types of games from platformers and RPGs to puzzle and FPS style gameplay– if there is a controller or a computer screen involved I will more than likely play for hours on end ignoring all basic human needs for nutrition until I have gotten all endings, achievements, trophies, or other spiffies.

I am also relying on video games to get back into shape and am currently moving and grooving my way to a better me using Harmonix’s Dance Central as a key piece in my exercise strategy. (Hey, did you know that Dance Central is actually part of the Fire Hose portfolio? It’s true!  …. maybe I can get someone here to fix it so that Poker Face shows me loosing 6,000 calories per round…. ^_^ )

There may or may not be footage of me on Youtube dancing around to Maneater with a blindfold on.

So, that is a bit about me. I look forward to getting to know all of the Fire Hose fans out there and providing you with heaps of news, exclusives, pictures, videos, the works! If you have a question or comment drop me a line or find me on the Fire Hose Facebook Page or the Fire Hose Twitter. ^_^



  1. Congratulations on landing the community manager job at Fire Hose and I hope everything goes well for you, including getting in shape with those crazy games.

    Going to head over and get a copy of Slam Bolt Scrappers tonight 🙂

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