Art for Hope Available Now!

” As an artist, there are creations that fall under a greater a message, and this one was a major one. Out of anything I create over the next year, this one will always be special.”

-Jacques Pena

Fire Hose Games artist, Jacques Pena, has just returned from Autodesk University, the annual Autodesk conference in Las Vegas. It was at that conference that the Art For Hope exhibit made it’s debut.  

Artists from all over the world were asked to participate in the project. One of the participating artists is our very own Jacques! (we imagine his lack of bragging is due to jet lag)

VIZ Media announced the project several months ago. In a unique collaboration with Autodesk, the Art For Hope project is a limited edition digital anthology which features forty pieces of original art. A selection of the pieces were displayed during this year’s Autodesk conference.

The anthology will be available for a limited time, from December 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012, for $4.99 through and the VIZ Manga App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. 100% of the proceeds go to fund Japan relief efforts.

Jacques created, “Love,”  the stunning piece shown above, using Autodesk SketchBook. You can read more about his process on his blog, here.

The digital book made its debut this past week and is available now for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or for web browsers.  It is on sale through the Apple App store and through VIZ Manga.

Buy it here: App Store |