Fire Hose is against SOPA and PIPA

Lately Congress have proposed two bills that are extremely harmful to the internet as we know it, SOPA and PIPA. If you don’t know what these are here’s a great one pager explaining it all from the EFF.

A lot of the internet has decided to go on strike against these ill conceived measures, and so we at Fire Hose have decided to express our support of this protest. We’re the people this bill is supposed to protect (after all we’re IP owners) and even we don’t want this… so why is Congress trying to pass it?


  1. Anthony

    Thank you for being one of the first Boston video game companies to openly oppose these bills.

    Now you need a +1 button as part of your “share” buttons on the bottom.

  2. Nice to know you agree.

  3. Thanks for helping put out this SOPA fire! GO HOME SOPA!

  4. Thanks for the support guys. Hopefully this does something; in general I’m pretty dubious about the efficacy of internet protests. On the other hand I think that contacting congress generally yields decent results, so if you feel strongly about this I recommend writing them an e-mail and letting them know.

  5. Bryan

    Best part of the blackout so far:!/herpderpedia

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