Watch me play Kaizo Mario for Charity tomorrow!

Live broadcast by Ustream

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in the Crappy Game Complaining Marathon, a charity fundraiser being held at the Singapore MIT GAMBIT Games lab. I’ll be playing Kaizo Mario with Ichiro Lambe of AAAAA! fame and Geoff Pitsch from Harmonix. Watch me on their website or on the Ustream video above!

For those of you who don’t know, Kaizo Mario is one of the most hardcore, insane, and hilarious mods of Super Mario World ever made. It’s basically nigh impossible to beat, and it’s amusing as hell to watch as a result. The three of us will be hitting our heads against the game from 2-3pm Eastern Time and it should be a lot of fun, tune in and check it out!

If you’re feeling generous then please consider donating to our charity, the Cambridge Boys and Girls club. It’s for a good cause!

Here’s a clip of Kaizo Mario to whet your appetite: