Little Green Frog: How Eitan Made a Splash at GDC

The Game Developer’s Conference is a celebration of games and game development and is punctuated by talks from game developers from around the world. Both Eitan and Jeff held talks at this year’s GDC. This year the schedule boasted over 100 talks and panels spread over three days. At the beginning of the first day, speakers are invited to pitch their upcoming panel within a 45 second time limit.

Eitan decided to sing “Little Green Frog” instead.

Check out some of his impressive timbre in this video via The Verge; they took the entire hour and a half presentation and condensed it to the best 90 seconds. Eitan’s song and dance routine spans across nearly 20% of the video.

I am hoping for either Old Man River or The Time Warp next year. Fingers crossed….

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  1. Jason Wiser

    This totally made my morning!

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