Slides from Eitan’s GDC Talk, Rapid Iterative Prototyping Best Practices

BAM! Here are my slides from the talk I just gave in San Francisco on how to effectively prototype innovative video games. If you didn’t have a chance to catch the talk poke through ’em now! There’s lots of info on what we did while we were making Slam Bolt Scrappers, Go Home Dinosaurs, and the prototype of Dance Central.

Like the talk or have questions for me? Drop a comment and I’ll be sure to respond. ROCK!


  1. Great talk! Thanks for sharing your presentation immediately. Hope you find the notebook useful! Looking forward to your User Testing/QA “Bible!”

  2. Karena

    Awesome slides, Eitan! 😀 Wish I could’ve gone to your talk in person; this is all very useful stuff. Also, I’m sort of hoping you sang for your audience again, because that was awesome.

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