I think standing by this fence makes me look introspective.

Compy, and the rest of the Fire Hose crew, is back from PAX!

So goooooood

Have you met Compy yet? If not you probably should!

Not at all related to tribbles, despite what you may have heard.Compy is one of several dastardly dinosaurs coming after your BBQ from our game Go Home Dinosaurs! Compy has been making the rounds, boasting his own flickr account, posting on our twitter account, and most recently infiltrating PAX East.

Several PAX goers took a Compy home with them after the show and they have been posting pics of Compy’s new adventures.

As part of the Indie MEGABOOTH, Fire Hose Games was one of sixteen indies that formed one massive PAX presence. Like the Power Rangers, we are powerful on our own but combined we created an Indie MEGAZORD! (err booth) And while we did not fight against the evils of Rita Repulsa, or anyone else for that matter, we did have a great time showing off Go Home Dinosaurs to all of the PAXers!

It was fantastic to meet all of you, keep posting those pics of you and Compy — we will continue to update his Flickr account to show off all of the awesome places that you are taking him!