Go Home Dinosaurs! will be playable at PAX East!

Hey Super Fans! Want to check out an early build of Go Home Dinosaurs!? Able to make it to Boston this coming week for PAX East? Then do we have some good news for you!

Fire Hose will be at the show, and we’ll be showing off the latest and greatest dinosaurs at booths 663 and 680. We’re also part of the Indie MEGABOOTH! Come by and check the game out, it’s a ton of fun.

And did we mention we have plushies? WE HAVE PLUSHIES.

This little green guy is the Compy. Smallest of the dinos, he thinks he’s tough but really he just wants to fit in. Can be dangerous in packs because hey, he’s a Compy!

I’ll also be giving two talks, both of them on Sunday. One is an indie developer rant, the other is a panel on a day in the life of an indie developer. I’ll probably scream and shout and make a nuisance of myself in both. Come and see what I have to say, or to throw tomatoes. Your call.

See you this weekend at PAX East!

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  1. Jennifer Oliver

    I have only 5 booths on my priority list and you guys made the cut, can’t wait to see the new game!

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