Post PAX Round-up!

We all had a fantastic time showing off Go Home Dinosaurs! at this year’s PAX East. People love the game and have had some very complimentary things to say about it:

“…Go Home Dinosaurs is an absolute speculator game to play. The tower defense genre has never been so much fun. “

-Greg Laporte | GamerFitNation

“Go Home Dinosaurs is bringing more of the cutesy charm that Fire Hose debuted with Slam Bolt Scrappers”

-Tony Wilson | FrontTowardsGamer

“Fire Hose [Games] have another winner on their books with Go Home Dinosaurs

-Dave Bolton | BostonInno

“The aesthetic of Go Home Dinosaurs is charming, and presents the quirky and distinct look offered by Fire Hose Games’ previous title. “
-Dave Voyles | Armless Octopus 


“Apparently, dinosaurs love BBQ and gophers use coconuts as currency – who knew?! … this game is all about silly fun…”

-Mike Gnade | The IndieGameMagazine 


Of course one of our favorite parts of PAX is being able to interact with fans. There is nothing more fun than handing a mouse to a fan and talking to them about their experience. Several of you made a point to stop by our booth just to say hi and see what we have been up to. You all rock.————–

Eitan’s note:

One really sad thing we learned about at PAX was the passing of one of our biggest fans, David Roberto. David was an enforcer for us at PAX East two years ago when we were in the Boston Indie Showcase. It was our first time showing off Slam Bolt Scrappers at a big convention and we didn’t really know what we were doing, and he was super helpful. However the really incredible thing was how much he liked our game – he kept playing and playing, and by the end of the show was as good as any of us on the dev team.

David kept in touch with us and would always come and hang out at our booth at PAX. He would tell other people to play our game, and he’d talk to us in the down time about our game and other games. You can imagine how sad all of us were when his brother Michael paid us a visit this year on the show floor and told us the tragic news.

Here’s a picture from March 2010 of David (in the background, red enforcer’s t-shirt) playing SBS and becoming a fan for life.

Thanks for playing our games, you’ll be missed.