OMG So cute I gotta get one

We are at PAX East! And we have contests!

OMG So cute I gotta get one

All of those adorable Compys that you see on that Fire Hose sofa have migrated to PAX EAST!

We are selling them at our booths (663 and 680) for a “I have totally have that in my pocket” amount of $10.00.

You can also WIN A COMPY

Here’s How:

If you are at PAX East swing by our booth and take a picture with a loaner Compy. Then follow us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook or both! Upload your Compy picture to either the @Firehosegames Twitter feed or the wall over at with the hash tag #PAXEast and you could win!

Not at PAX? Don’t worry! Head over to, pick your favorite dino and draw us a picture. Send that super awesome art to us and you can win a Compy from afar.


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  1. Chris

    I was there (I live in Cambridge so I had to go), visited your booth, and chatted with your dev team for a bit. Go Home Dinosaurs seems like a great game – I think this game could be great and could introduce a lot of people to the tower defense genre.

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