I wish I had a bike like this. And no parents to tell me not to ride it in an industrial park.

What We’re Playing: Trials Evolution

If you are an XBLA regular you’ve probably noticed that Red Lynx’s latest game, Trials Evolution ,has ads plastered everywhere and is breaking all download records for the service. And for good reason! The game is the premier physics based motorcycle puzzle platformer, and if that doesn’t mean anything to you then it should. The goal? Get to the finish line. The controls? Gas and brake, lean forwards and backwards. The challenge? Get past an increasingly difficult series of obstacles without crashing.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it is! But more important, the game is FUN in a way that most games have forgotten how to be. It’s frustrating difficult but easy to keep playing, the environments are beautiful, and the levels well designed and frequently amusing. We’ve been playing it almost exclusively at lunch time the past week.

Nico, our lead animator, is obsessed: “Trials is like someone is dangling a Snickers bar in front of your face, and then they take it away at the last minute. But then they give you another chance right away. When you do something smart and clever and awesome it is really rewarding. It isn’t a game you think too hard about, which makes it awesome. It is just fun.”

Trials Evolution is out on XBLA for 1200 fake Microsoft funny money points, or $15. If you have a 360 grab it!