Fire Hose is in the PAX Indie Megabooth (with stuff!)

In just a few days a bunch of us will be on the carpeted floor of the NEW AND IMPROVED Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime in Seattle! We can’t wait! There’s about 30 developers in the booth as well as over 30 playable games. Also, the very people who made those games will be right there ready to talk you about them. I can’t express how rad and cool that is!

We are going to be situated at Booth #774 and Go Home Dinosaurs will be playable on a bunch of great machines. You can also take pictures with us or some of of the characters from the game. You want to look like you are running away from a five foot tall hungry T-Rex (or maybe he’s just further back and MUCH larger)? You can do that!

Also we’ll be selling some Merch! In the picture at the beginning of this article you will find a picture of a lovely Go Home Dinosaurs tee. He looks angry, probably because his arms are too short to be a proper grill chef. Poor, …

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