Welcome to the new Fire Hose Games site!

Hey everybody,

Glad you came on by!

Wait what?

This old place?

It was nothing. We just REDESIGNED IT FROM THE GROUND UP! Thanks for noticing!

Over the past few weeks our resident UI genius, Aaron, has been taking our old site, cutting off everything that didn’t work and throwing it in the recycle bin, then quickly right-clicking the recycle bin and emptying it. Then throwing the hard drive in an industrial grinder. No looking back. He kept all the content that remained and it was migrated over into this much easier to peruse website. Information is wicked easy to find.

Like, you’re on the “Blog” tab now but if you go to the “Home” tab you’ll see how sweet of a gateway it is with it’s streamlined info, items of interest, and navigable interface. Nice, right? Modern…

Head over to the “Our Games” tab to see our portfolio of games. Like you probably know we made Slam Bolt Scrappers, and of course Go Home Dinosaurs is playing in one of your other browser windows, but did you know helped out on some other big games like Ms. Splosion Man and Rock Band Blitz? If you go over to the “Our Games” tab you can definitely find out more about that sort of thing just in case the Fire Hose Games portfolio ever pops up as a question at your local pub quiz. Your team will think you are so smart.

Then there is “About Us”, “Jobs”, and “Contact” all of which are so obvious that I shan’t waste your time with their self-evident functions. Just know that those tabs do what they are supposed to.


Lastly make sure you “like” us on Facebook, if that’s a thing you like to do. Or maybe following us on Twitter is more your thing? I know every company goes on and on about this sort of thing but the truth is we we do it right and we even give away free stuff. And you like free stuff, everyone does.


Thanks for stopping by the new site!



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  1. Jeff

    It looks okay. But, I liked the first one better. This one just seems very bloggy and programmed sans-artist-awesomedness.

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