Formal Friday at Fire Hose

Hey everybody!

In the games industry people like to keep it pretty casual. Hoodies, free t-shirts scored from conventions/pre-orders/Kickstarter pledges rule the day. Dressing up isn’t exactly frowned upon but it certainly is a little suspect.

That said sometimes it’s nice to pretend to be a grownup for a few hours.

In that spirit we decided to test out “Formal Friday” – a day where we’d get a chance to pull out those clothes we had to buy for a wedding and then relegated to back of the closet. The idea wasn’t to be fancy but to pretend to be fancy. Oh and to have a fancy drink lunch where we’d take a break and pose around a table like a promo shot for Mad Men.

Here are a few of the formal folks who participated (currently missing pics of Jacques, Max, and Ryan who were AWOL while we took solo shots)!

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