Formal Friday at Fire Hose

Hey everybody!

In the games industry people like to keep it pretty casual. Hoodies, free t-shirts scored from conventions/pre-orders/Kickstarter pledges rule the day. Dressing up isn’t exactly frowned upon but it certainly is a little suspect.

That said sometimes it’s nice to pretend to be a grownup for a few hours.

In that spirit we decided to test out “Formal Friday” – a day where we’d get a chance to pull out those clothes we had to buy for a wedding and then relegated to back of the closet. The idea wasn’t to be fancy but to pretend to be fancy. Oh and to have a fancy drink lunch where we’d take a break and pose around a table like a promo shot for Mad Men.

Here are a few of the formal folks who participated (currently missing pics of Jacques, Max, and Ryan who were AWOL while we took solo shots)!

Ethan, besuited.

 Nico, sleeping.

 Miles & Eric. Extra fancy.

Britt who legitimately had somewhere formal to go afterwards.

 Detective John Grimace of the McD PD.

Anthony, who has some strange ideas about what “Formal” means.

Sharat who has some VERY strange ideas about what “Formal” means.

Luckily we were all, Max, Jacques, and Ryan included, able to come together for fancy drinks at lunch. Things were very formal.