Go Home Dinosaurs (Proudly) Delayed!

Most of the time a delay of a game is met with some hand-wringing, some doom-saying, some  finger-pointing, some cynical-…talking? Sometimes a delay means that a game is in a mess of development crud and the sheer enormity of issues has forced the developer or publisher to hold off. Other times a game just isn’t quite ready to be released and could use a little more time in the development vats where games are formed.

Other times a game starts looking pretty awesome near to when it is supposed to come out and the devs go “wow, we’ve made a lot of progress in a super-short amount of time… why don’t we ride this wave a little longer and make our good game totally awesome?” That’s kind of where Go Home Dinosaurs is at present.

For the past several months we’ve been saying the game would be out by the end of the year, something we took very seriously internally. We even had builds that were basically ready to go. But we looked at how far we had come and realized just how much more polish and gameplay goodness could be added with just a few extra months. Since making that decision we’ve managed to make a bunch of huge strides in the design and feel of the game as well as planning out some sweet new content that we can’t wait to start talking about (seriously everybody, stay tuned, there is so much good stuff and we’ll be hinting at it and showing it off soon).

When is it coming out? We’re not dropping a date yet. It’ll come out when it’s done. That said we aren’t taking another year of development, just a couple of months. If you want to clear your schedules of all other games to prepare then we would suggest late-winter/early-spring or so?

In the end we want to release a game we aren’t just proud of but that we’re RIDICULOUSLY proud of. Go Home Dinosaurs has come a long way and with a few extra months we can get there. Thank you for your patience (or your lack of patience if you’d prefer to scream about it…either reaction is acceptable). We’re really excited about this game and can’t wait to get it into your Compy-Loving hands!

Also stay-tuned because we may start talking about porting a little game with the initials “SBS” to another platform… HOW ABOUT THAT?!

-Fire Hose Games


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