Someone’s Getting a Compy Tattoo!

Hey everybody!

This is Max:


He’s our “Señor Producer” at Fire Hose games. Max has agreed to get a tattoo of a Compy on his left arm. This isn’t the first time he’s gone under the needle for his art- he also has a tattoo for Red Faction: Guerrilla (another game he worked on) from 2009.


There are some stipulations, though. We’d like to get a mailing list going from Fire Hose. If we can get 1000 email addresses signed up in there by the end of March then this is a done deal. And we aren’t talking about some annoying email list where you get mail every week clogging up your inbox telling you to buy our stuff. This will be a mailing list, instead, that gets you early access to early versions of new games we are working on. We may also occasionally have some of our other game developer friends to drop by and hand out codes to games …

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Go Home Dinosaurs Merch Site is ALIVE!

It is our profound pleasure to announce the launch of our new Merch site for Go Home Dinosaurs. Right now we have t-shirts for sale of T-Rex trying to use a grill with his tiny arms as well as an awesome poster by our very own Jacques Pena detailing an epic battle at BBQ Point. Your walls and your torso will thank you.


CLICK HERE FOR MERCH! (handled via the good people at Red Falcon)



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  There have been many questions about the evolutionary provenance of the Gophers (LEVIGATIS NOVUS) in Go Home Dinosaurs.  This was not something we took lightly, we didn’t just go “heh, gophers would be a funny thing to fight Dinos ‘cuz they’re little and furry and stuff.” NO WAY! We aimed to get this absolutely correct to the existing fossil record. We hired local self-proclaimed “old stuff scientist”, Dr. Erasmus Pudgycook, to give us a definitive look at the history of the time so we’d be able to really enlighten our audience and look wicked smart while we did it.

We invited him to the office for a quick summit on fossils, dinosaurs, mammals, complaints about a local restaurant, the evolutionary process, gopher picnics, and a really thorough examination of the itchy nature of pants. When he wrapped up it was several days later and we realized we had many hundreds of pages of notes which would drive our gameplay and narrative designs for the game.

Our artist, Jacques, was kind enough to distill several hours of Dr. Pudgycook’s thoughts on …

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PRESS RELEASE: We announce two games coming to Steam March 14th!



Includes BBQ Defense simulator Go Home Dinosaurs as well as the PC port of Slam Bolt Scrappers  

Cambridge, MA— 2/14/13 — Today Fire Hose Games (that’s us) proudly announces the upcoming release of two games on Steam for March 14th, 2013. The first game is the long-awaited BBQ Defense Simulator Go Home Dinosaurs. The second is an updated PC version of the fast and frantic puzzle-brawler Slam Bolt Scrappers, with porting help from Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment. Both titles will be available together in a Fire Hose Games Bundle for $14.99 (25% off buying the titles separately.).

“Releasing one game at a time? That’s for chumps. Two games! That’s what the kids want nowadays. Two games, and their wub-wubs music or whatever,” shouted the bathrobed Fire Hose founder and Fire Chief, Eitan Glinert, at passing cars.

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