Someone’s Getting a Compy Tattoo!

Hey everybody!

This is Max:

photo 1


He’s our “Señor Producer” at Fire Hose games. Max has agreed to get a tattoo of a Compy on his left arm. This isn’t the first time he’s gone under the needle for his art- he also has a tattoo for Red Faction: Guerrilla (another game he worked on) from 2009.

photo 3


There are some stipulations, though. We’d like to get a mailing list going from Fire Hose. If we can get 1000 email addresses signed up in there by the end of March then this is a done deal. And we aren’t talking about some annoying email list where you get mail every week clogging up your inbox telling you to buy our stuff. This will be a mailing list, instead, that gets you early access to early versions of new games we are working on. We may also occasionally have some of our other game developer friends to drop by and hand out codes to games they are working on. Basically if you sign up we promise not to annoy you and instead give you access to free stuff. Oh and Max will get a permanent tattoo, we can’t forget that part.



Our industrious team of artists have designed a custom Compy tat that Max will take with him to a local tattoo place at the end of March. There he will be permanently inked with the design on his left arm. This process will, of course, be documented with pictures and then posted to our blog (and likely emailed on our shiny new mailing list with exclusive pictures) when it’s done. Here’s the design-Preview

Will he come to regret it? Will he try to run and then we’ll have to catch him and drag him back? Will he have a good time and enjoy the process and then tell everyone “it didn’t really hurt that bad…”? Find out soon by signing up for our awesome mailing list!


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