PRESS RELEASE: We announce two games coming to Steam March 14th!



Includes BBQ Defense simulator Go Home Dinosaurs as well as the PC port of Slam Bolt Scrappers  

Cambridge, MA— 2/14/13 — Today Fire Hose Games (that’s us) proudly announces the upcoming release of two games on Steam for March 14th, 2013. The first game is the long-awaited BBQ Defense Simulator Go Home Dinosaurs. The second is an updated PC version of the fast and frantic puzzle-brawler Slam Bolt Scrappers, with porting help from Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment. Both titles will be available together in a Fire Hose Games Bundle for $14.99 (25% off buying the titles separately.).

“Releasing one game at a time? That’s for chumps. Two games! That’s what the kids want nowadays. Two games, and their wub-wubs music or whatever,” shouted the bathrobed Fire Hose founder and Fire Chief, Eitan Glinert, at passing cars.

The Games

Go Home Dinosaurs is the most important, mind-blowing, and historically accurate BBQ Defense Simulator ever released. Play as an adorable burrowing gopher that is determined to save the grub from rampaging, adorable Dinos. Collect tower cards (from gophers tossing snowballs to oversized lasers to giant magnets that pull meteors from the sky) and place them on the field to keep Dinos at bay. Rotate the uniquely shaped towers to fit them into the board like weaponized puzzle pieces. Purchase power ups and costumes at the in-game store (no IAP) to make your gopher more powerful and stylish. Defend your BBQ in 60 levels spread across three prehistoric worlds. Go Home Dinosaurs is super easy for anyone to pick up and learn but also challenges hardened strategy fans. Oh and did we mention there’s a magnet that pulls meteors out of the sky?

Slam Bolt Scrappers is the PC version of 2011’s Puzzle-Brawler mix-up. Choose your character, tussle with monsters for building blocks, fit those blocks together to make tower weaponry then destroy your opponent’s tower to win. It mashes the best aspects of puzzle games and brawlers for something like you’ve never played before. Up to 4 friends can play at the same time either cooperatively in the Campaign mode or competitively in Battle mode. It will fully support Steam’s Big Picture mode so prepare for large screen living room action for the whole family.

3/14/13 AvailabilityThe games will be available separately for $9.99 each (10% off preorders, $8.99) or together in the Fire Hose Bundle for $14.99. The games are available for preorder now on our website –
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