Reinventing Fire Hose

It’s time to talk about some changes that are going on at Fire Hose. These are big changes, we’re totally flipping our studio model to a new format that is better equipped to thrive in a turbulent games industry and also does a better job of helping the indie community. HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, LET’S DO THIS.

I read some articles. An incubator? What the what? Yes, we’re transitioning to become an incubator, one that is specifically geared to help indies release successful games and avoid development hurdles.

How does it work? We’ll be accepting applications at some point in 2014 for talented indie developers that want to focus on game development and could use some extra help. We’ll take the most incredible developers from our applicant pool and bring them in house at Fire Hose. Then we give those devs a stipend, mentorship, feedback, help promoting their games, and assistance getting their games on the right channels and in front of the right people. Basically we’ll do everything we can to help the …

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Fire Hose Games to become an “Indie Game Accelerator”

Hi everybody,


We made our exciting announcement last night – we’re becoming an Indie game accelerator/incubator (with a number of big differences but we’ll get there)!  Check out these write-ups on Polygon and Joystiq. We aren’t taking applications yet (we’ll make announcements about that in the near future) but if you’d like to write about this and are looking to talk to someone you can hit up

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Fire Hose Games to Make Big Announcement at Boston Postmortem

Tonight (11/14/2013) Fire Hose founder and chief, Eitan Glinert, will be giving a talk at Boston Postmortem and will make a big announcement about the future of Fire Hose Games. He will touch briefly on the process of making Go Home Dinosaurs and then follow up with a bold new plan not only for the studio, but for indie game development in general.


For more info you can email Sean Baptiste at

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