Reinventing Fire Hose

It’s time to talk about some changes that are going on at Fire Hose. These are big changes, we’re totally flipping our studio model to a new format that is better equipped to thrive in a turbulent games industry and also does a better job of helping the indie community. HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, LET’S DO THIS.

I read some articles. An incubator? What the what?
Yes, we’re transitioning to become anĀ incubator, one that is specifically geared to help indies release successful games and avoid development hurdles.

How does it work?
We’ll be accepting applications at some point in 2014 for talented indie developers that want to focus on game development and could use some extra help. We’ll take the most incredible developers from our applicant pool and bring them in house at Fire Hose. Then we give those devs a stipend, mentorship, feedback, help promoting their games, and assistance getting their games on the right channels and in front of the right people. Basically we’ll do everything we can to help the game to succeed.

Neat! So devs make the game, and Fire Hose takes care of everything else?
Not even close! The developers still have to be super involved and passionate when it comes to non-development stuff like marketing the game, talking to press, etc. We’re just a multiplier on the awesome that a dev already brings to the table.

This sounds neat, where can I read more?
There are still a lot of details that we haven’t released yet, and part of the reasons for that is we’re still figuring everything out! We expect that by early 2014 we’ll have the full story for you, and it should be a good one. We’re developers ourselves so we know how important it is to make a program that works especially well for everyone and is fair all around. We’re also using this time to test out our ideas internally.

Why are you making these changes?
The main reason is that we realized that by spreading the risk of game development around, allowing creative control and freedom, and providing mentorship we can make better games at a lower cost. This also means that we can help folks avoid the common pitfalls of game development, and that’s always a win.

I want to apply!
Stay tuned and keep in touch with us! We’ll be announcing the application process as soon as possible. You should also be aware that currently the program will be limited to Boston – if you want to apply you’ll either have to be living in Beantown or willing to move here.


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  1. cerise

    Love this idea and want to be a part of it. We have a small startup SqueePlay – just launched our open beta on Facebook – SqueeDogs. We’re frantically debugging. Hard launch early next year.

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