What We Do

We make video games. Specifically, we make video games that are exciting and different. Video games that encourage social play. Video games that push the limits of how people play games. Oh, and video games that are FUN.

Located in ever-sunny Cambridge, MA, we released our first game, Slam Bolt Scrappers  in March 2011. It’s a mash up of brawling and puzzle solving that is unlike pretty much anything else you’ve ever played! In March of 2013 we released our second game on PC, Go Home Dinosaurs! You can even order it through Humble! In May of 2013, we released Go Home Dinosaurs for the iPad. It can be downloaded from the App Store.

We are currently working on two new games – the first of which is Let’s Quip, a competitive debate simulator. Let’s Quip is presently available as a free beta on Facebook, followed closely by versions for Android and iOS. Our other game is the first in Fire Hose’s brand new Accelerator Program – Chris Chung’s first person destructive cat simulator – Catlateral Damage. Catlateral Damage is coming for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam later in 2014 but you can play the demo now entirely for free.

We also have done work on some other games you’ve probably heard of and played! Check out our work for clients on the Our Games page to see how we helped out on games like Dance Central, Rock Band Blitz, and Ms. Splosion Man!

For permission to make videos of/stream our games on Youtube (etc) please visit our Youtube Permission page.



Educational Papers and Press

Sometimes we don’t just make games – we talk about them in an intelligent fashion!

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