New game announced – Catlateral Damage

Months ago Fire Hose Games announced that we were becoming an accelerator for indie games. We are very proud to announce today that we have accepted our first developer into the program, Chris Chung, and will be working with him on his destructive cat simulator Catlateral Damage.


We fell in love with this game when we played it on our livecast back in January.  When we found out that Chris was a local Boston developer we invited him to come over and use some extra desk space we had. Over the past couple weeks he’s been helping us develop the plan for the accelerator and it became very clear he should be the developer we work with first.


We’ll continue updating you with new info including screenshots, release dates, platforms, all that over the next few months. For more info follow @Firehosegames and @catlateraldmg on Twitter!


Catlateral Damage Press Kit

Catlateral Damage Demo


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Happy Holidays everyone!

In celebration of the end of the year and getting a few weeks off we’re happy to let you know that we’re part of the Steam Holiday sale. That means that right now you can pick up Go Home Dinosaurs and Slam Bolt Scrappers for 80% off on Steam.

Outside of the that we’d also just really like to thank you for helping us have an awesome 2013. You’re the best!

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Fire Hose Games to become an “Indie Game Accelerator”

Hi everybody,


We made our exciting announcement last night – we’re becoming an Indie game accelerator/incubator (with a number of big differences but we’ll get there)!  Check out these write-ups on Polygon and Joystiq. We aren’t taking applications yet (we’ll make announcements about that in the near future) but if you’d like to write about this and are looking to talk to someone you can hit up

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Fire Hose Games to Make Big Announcement at Boston Postmortem

Tonight (11/14/2013) Fire Hose founder and chief, Eitan Glinert, will be giving a talk at Boston Postmortem and will make a big announcement about the future of Fire Hose Games. He will touch briefly on the process of making Go Home Dinosaurs and then follow up with a bold new plan not only for the studio, but for indie game development in general.


For more info you can email Sean Baptiste at

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