Where is Ichiro?

The one man powerful enough to make video games develop themselves, Ichiro Lambe from Dejobaan, needs your help. He’s been involved with some shady business lately, and as of yesterday afternoon, I think it’s finally caught up with him – he’s completely disappeared. Was it the mob? His secret dealings with shadow governments? An alien abduction? Friends, I believe it may be much more sinister than that.

Ichiro’s been keeping me posted on the Valve PotatoFoolsDay ARG, which has mysteriously involved a few of his games (The Wonderful End of the World, Aaaaa!, and 1 2 3 KICK IT).  I’ve gotten plenty of updates from him over the course of this ARG (or is it real?) as he continually linked me to sites reporting new discoveries in his games.  Yesterday, things finally got weird.  He sent me a link to this confidential document begging for help.  I was all, “Go on…” and Ichiro followed up with, “Right bef,” and that …

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A Look Inside Slam Bolt Scrappers – Friday Games @ GAMBIT

Starting at 4PM today, one of our superstar programmers and GAMBIT alum, Sharat, will lead the folks at GAMBIT through the journey that was the development of Slam Bolt Scrappers. As you may know, SBS has gone through a number of iterations, and Sharat will be showing off those early prototypes while discussing the different elements we changed between each and why we decided to change them. The original post can be found here: http://gambit.mit.edu/updates/2011/04/friday_games_gambit_040811_-_a.php.

GAMBIT holds a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Fire Hose Games, so we’re very excited that they’ve invited us to come talk about Slam Bolt Scrappers today for this week’s session of Friday Games at GAMBIT! Friday Games is a particularly interesting series at GAMBIT where each Friday they take an analytical approach to looking at games and games issues from the past, present… and FUTURE. Recent sessions covered the history of Tetris, the censoring of sex in games, and, of course, the history of Michael Jordan in video games, starting with 1993’s NBA Showdown. A …

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Fan Mail: It’s like we’re famous

Hey Scrappers,

So, we’ve been getting a bunch of fan mail. Pretty awesome, right? The post office actually sends a second mailman to our office each day with an entire truck full of letters just for us. Well, some of them are probably bombs, so we open 25% then throw the rest into the Charles River to be safe.

Getting fan mail has been really eye opening. People have made a few suggestions (*cough*onlinemultiplayer*cough*) about SBS and I wanted to see if their ideas generally ring true with the rest of you, so I’m going to post one of our first pieces of fan mail. Let me know what you think about these suggestions in the comments below.

To the dudes at Fire Hose games:

Slam Bolt Scrappers is really, really fun. I downloaded the demo on Tuesday the 15th, bought the full game almost immediately after, and have been playing it ever since. So first and foremost, I want to say THANKS for making such a super fun game!

My girlfriend and …

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TIL: Fire Hose Edition

Hey readers! Now that Slam Bolt Scrappers is out on PSN (didn’t you hear!?), a lot of fascinating, new stuff has been happening at Fire Hose. To quickly touch base with everyone, I decided to pose a simple question: “What’s something you learned today?” Responses were pretty interesting and varied, so they seemed worth posting here. Without further delay, here are a few things people at Fire Hose learned yesterday.

Eitan: No matter how cool it looks in video games, motion blur pretty much always looks terrible in still screen shots. And Amazon web services has a free tier if you want to try out cloud hosting for free: http://aws.amazon.com/free/

Ethan: I learned that putting stars in a level makes it more fun for the players and the developers.

Jacques: Thinking ahead. Organizing and Prepping files for fast turn around, for projects that may be due the same day. If you carefully think ahead, and take the time to know the ins and outs of your current project, you can save your self time and headaches …

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