Tax Incentives in MA for Video Games

In his June 12 Op-Ed in the Globe, Jeff Jacoby (@jeff_jacoby) writes that “the video game industry wants to be bribed to do business in Massachusetts.”

He goes on to describe how the state shouldn’t pick winners when it comes to businesses.  That tax benefits have not worked in the past for the green industry, movie industry, or for mutual funds.  Each of these industries is completely different, and the attempt to apply a single rule to all markets is a fallacy.  In fact, there have been incentive programs in Massachusetts that have worked extraordinarily well, bringing in jobs and revenue into the state.  A fine example of this is illustrated in the success of the biotech industry in Massachusetts.

As State Rep. Vincent Pedone (Worchester Dem.) has pointed out in the past, “Twenty-five or 30 years ago, no one in the commonwealth knew what biotechnology was, and it has now become a critical part of our Massachusetts economy. We think …

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hats from slam bolt scrappers

How to Win a Free Copy of Slam Bolt Scrappers at PAX East

Hey Scrappers,

Are you going to PAX East?  Do you want to know how to win a free copy of Slam Bolt Scrappers?  Here’s the key:


The Fire Hose team will be at PAX in booth 1133 showing off Slam Bolt Scrappers (you may notice us by our funny, red fire fighter hats).  If you come by our booth and think your crazy hat can out crazy our crazy hat, grab someone on the team and show them your crazy… hat! We will randomly be selecting a handful of crazy hat wearers to receive free copies of the game.  Of course, you’ll get extra points if you slap a Slam Bolt Scrappers sticker on your hat!

A crazy hat means a hat that is notable or unusual in some way.  In other words, wearing a Red Sox hat might not get you a ton of attention, but wearing a top hat or a party hat on top of it will probably catch our collective eye.

Oh and, spread the word!  The more hat-wearers, the better.  …

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N4G Interview & Child’s Play Auction Names

Cathlin Sentz from the awesome N4G site has interviewed our Fire Chief— you should read it, it’s cool. And by reading it, you will become cool too, or your money back.

Also, this part is particularly interesting:

CS: You recently had players help choose the names for two characters in the game, Zephyr, the angel, and Joule, the masked character. What about the other character names – like the two chosen by the Child’s Play auction winners? EG: Oh man! GOOD MEMORY. We were gonna post them on our website soon, but you know what? If anyone has read this far in the interview they deserve the scoop. So here they are, the naming debut of two more characters: The girl is Pen Yen, and the demon is J.S. Bull. Both names have great stories behind them, we’re really happy with the result.

So, there you have it!  The winning names from our Child’s Play auctions were Pen Yen and J.S. Bull!

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[Video] Slam Bolt Scrappers Walkthru

Sometimes, people look at our game and say:

“My my, good sirs and madam, this game confounds me!  There are so many bright and shiny colors, and moving images!  What am I to do with all of these things?”

Which translates in internet-speak to “omgwtf”.

Well, no need to omgwtf any more.  For your enjoyment and edification, we’ve created a video to explain wtf is going on.

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