Slam Bolt Scrappers at PAX East!

Slam Bolt Scrappers is going to be on show at PAX East as part of the Boston Indie Showcase! That’s right, this is the very first time the public will get to hands, mittens, and other ocular implants on Slam Bolt Scrappers, and get to experience first hand the innovative mix of brawling and building.

And we’ll be in great company! The Boston Indie Showcase was created to show off selected developers of the burgeoning Boston indie development scene. So make sure you come by the Boston Indie Showcase at PAX East the weekend of March 26-28 and try out Slam Bolt Scrappers and the rest of the Boston Indies Showcase games!

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Words of Wisdom: Boston Indies on Monday, IGDA Webinar on Wednesday

Eitan’s going to be giving two great talks next week – first, at Boston Indies on Monday, second as an IGDA Webinar on Wednesday.

Boston Indies – Monday, January 25 @ 7pm – The Asgard, Cambridge, MA

Join Eitan at Boston Indies on Monday as he shows off Slam Bolt Scrappers and discusses the development of the game thus far. It’ll be a pretty informal event, and it’s at a bar, so you get to drink some beer and hang out with the rest of Boston Indies. Find directions to the Asgard right here.

IGDA Webinar – Wednesday, January 27 @ 12pm – Dial In

After you’ve heard all about Slam Bolt Scrappers on Monday evening, tune in Wednesday afternoon to hear Eitan presenting an IGDA webinar on Rapid, Iterative Prototyping. Eitan will be explaining why it’s a great way to get started on a game if you’re missing other essential elements like an artist, funding, etc. Plus he’ll be showing off some of the builds we’ve developed …

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Words of Wisdom: IGDA Webinar on Rapid Prototyping

If you can’t get enough of Eitan’s talks, you’re in luck! On January 27 at 12pm, Eitan will be presenting an IGDA Webinar on Rapid, Iterative Prototyping.

What do you do if you have no artist, no funding, and the design isn’t even complete? Prototype! In this webinar, Eitan will share some ideas for rapid, iterative prototyping, including how we used it in the development of Slam Bolt Scrappers. You’ll even get to see some of the super early builds we developed using this process. And of course there will be plenty of dinosaurs as well.

Unfortunately, Eitan will not be completing a Super Metroid speed run while giving this talk – but we promise to give you plenty of notice when that does happen.

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Slam Bolt Scrappers

We’d like to introduce you to Slam Bolt Scrappers!!

What is Slam Bolt Scrappers, you ask? Why, only the awesomest game you’ll ever play! It’s a smart brawler, full of frantic beat ’em up action with an engaging puzzle element. It’s what we’ve been hard at work developing over the past few months, and what we recently entered into the IGF and the Indie Game Challenge.

Check out for more information on the game and some awesome concept art.

Keep checking back for juicy tidbits of development as we chug along.

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Welcome to the Ridiculous World of Fire Hose

We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting a taste of what’s to come in the ridiculous world of Fire Hose….so, here’s a screen shot of one of our whiteboards with some very important tasks that we’ve been working on.

All we can share right now is that this has to do with our submission to the Indie Game Challenge, sponsored by SMU/Guildhall and GameStop. Fire Hose is about to enter (and conquer) a brand new world. Word.

More updates to follow soon.

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