End to End Game Development

Nick Iuppa and Terry Borst have written a new book, End to End Game Development, to be published this December by Focal Press. The title provides comprehensive information on making a game, from top to bottom…er, end to end.

Do you recognize the cover image?

You guessed it…they’ve chosen a still from AudiOdyssey for the cover! It’s really exciting and a huge honor to be on the cover of this title!

You can pre-order the book on Amazon or through the publisher, Focal Press. Congratulations, guys!

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We’re Moving (Part 2)…or, We’ve Moved!

We did it! We’re (pretty much) all moved into our new digs at 1035 Cambridge Street. It took a few days, a lot of manpower (a lot), and a bit of patience, but we’re happy to report that we are currently loving the new place. We’ve already tried out Olecito, All Star Sandwich Bar, Arams #1, and are pretty much looking forward to trying out all the other restaurants around the area. Any suggestions are welcome!

We’ll keep you updated on the housewarming once we’re all settled in. For now, follow the jump for more moving pics!

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Gamasutra publishes Eitan’s article on UI Design

Eitan’s article on Usability Interface design was just published on Gamasutra today! The article talks about four key elements of UI – learnability, simplicity, efficiency, and aesthetic. Specifically, why these are important and how to critically balance these elements for your own game design. Eitan’s pretty passionate about UI, having written his master’s thesis on the topic.

It’s also filled with awesome pictures from some of our favorite games, if you’re not into reading lots of words.

Check it out, and we welcome your comments here or on the Gamasutra website!

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Find Fire Hose (almost) Anywhere!

Fire Hose Games has officially reached the 21st century! We can now be found on both Twitter and Facebook. You can check out our brand spankin’ new pages in both places which we’ll be updating frequently!

Follow us on Twitter (@FireHoseGames); become our fan on Facebook (Fire Hose Games)!

For quick links to the pages, check out the new icons to the left of this post.

At this rate, we’ll be coming to visit you at your house very soon. Get ready.

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