Go Home Dinosaurs Merch Site is ALIVE!

It is our profound pleasure to announce the launch of our new Merch site for Go Home Dinosaurs. Right now we have t-shirts for sale of T-Rex trying to use a grill with his tiny arms as well as an awesome poster by our very own Jacques Pena detailing an epic battle at BBQ Point. Your walls and your torso will thank you.


CLICK HERE FOR MERCH! (handled via the good people at Red Falcon)



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Go Home Dinosaurs Beta is live, go play it now!

Let’s just skip straight to the punchline – the Go Home Dinosaurs Beta is live now, and you can play it here! Did we mention it’s free too? FREE. You will need Chrome in order to play (Chrome download here).

We’ve been working really hard on this for a long time so we’re really proud of the beta. We hope you like it! If you do, be sure to tell a friend, give us a 5 star rating in the Chrome web store, or you can even donate to us in-game to support ongoing development and receive AMAZING PRIZES. Prizes like dinosaur plushies, t-shirts, and even free Fire Hose games for life!

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