Less Swag But More High Fives: Anthony Carboni on the IGF and GDC

Last year CEO and creator of ByteJacker, Anthony Carboni, hosted the Independent Games Festival. As you know Fire Hose Games is excited to be part of the record breaking number of entries in the 2011 IGF.

Anthony was able to give us a bit of his time and tell us about his experience as a host and as a gamer at last year’s festival.

You were able to host the 2011 IGF awards, what was that experience like? Awesome. Amazing. Unbelievably great. It was so wonderful to not just meet the people whose games I’d been talking about for years, but also to have some small part in recognizing and celebrating their work.

Why do you think the IGF awards are important to indie game developers? Well, in a practical sense, there are a cash awards and obviously a lot more visibility. There are fewer marketing opportunities and a lot less money available for indies to get their name out there – something like the IGF awards can really help with that. On another level, one that …

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Fire Hose Artist Places 3rd in the 3DS Max Design Hero Competition!

Is that a photo of an engine? Nope. Jacques Pena.

Fire Hose artist Jacques Pena has recently been awarded third prize in the Autodesk 3DS Max Design Hero Contest. 

Yes, this does mean that Jacques is officially a hero. A design hero.

The contest asked designers and artists to:

portray inventive concepts or renderings of architectural design, mechanical, or industrial/product designs—from buildings, bridges and vehicles, to furniture and consumer products.

Jacque’s entry, entitled O.E.M., uses automotive design as its base; but there is more to it than that.

“I went to work with automotive because it opened me up to creating something more…” explained Jacques, “something crazy and abstract. I wanted something overzealous, something that you would never see in the real world.”

And it was also to incorporate robots.

“A good majority of the stuff that I do is mechanical and [with this contest] I was able to show off my love for robots.”

For Jacques one of the main challenges was in the preparation; how to best combine the science fiction …

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Exclusive: Community Chest and Chance Cards for BioShock Monopoly!

Is not a man entitled to his Chance and Community Chest cards?

As reported earlier this week, the BioShock Monopoly board that is floating around the internet was created by someone right here at Fire Hose.

In celebration of its new-found popularity we are happy to announce that the Community Chest and Chance cards missing from the game set linked to by the Kotaku article are now available on the Fire Hose Games Flickr Photo Stream! The Photo Stream includes a larger game board for easier printing, all money and deeds, plus the brand spankin’ new game cards!

Also, we now have a Flickr page!

Let us know if you like the game by commenting here, on our Facebook page, or shooting us a tweet!

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Go Home Dinosaurs is in good company as an entry in this year’s Independent Games Festival

The Independent Games Festival is the longest running and largest independent games festival in the world; and Fire Hose Games just helped to break an IGF record.

The 14th Annual IGF is boasting a record breaking 568 entries into this year’s main Indie Game competition, and of course you know that Go Home Dinosaurs is one of them.

The IGF is like The Sundance Film Festival, but for games. It is held in conjunction with the Games Developers Conference where an Independent Games Festival pavilion is set up to show off the competition finalists.

What does the IGF mean for Fire Hose? It gives us and other indie game developers a chance to give our games a nice spotlight. It also allows us a chance to look at what some other indie studios are up to.

Speaking of other indie studios (slick transition right?) Outer Space Studios caught our tweet about IGF the other day and blogged about it on Read More