TIL: Fire Hose Edition

Hey readers! Now that Slam Bolt Scrappers is out on PSN (didn’t you hear!?), a lot of fascinating, new stuff has been happening at Fire Hose. To quickly touch base with everyone, I decided to pose a simple question: “What’s something you learned today?” Responses were pretty interesting and varied, so they seemed worth posting here. Without further delay, here are a few things people at Fire Hose learned yesterday.

Eitan: No matter how cool it looks in video games, motion blur pretty much always looks terrible in still screen shots. And Amazon web services has a free tier if you want to try out cloud hosting for free: http://aws.amazon.com/free/

Ethan: I learned that putting stars in a level makes it more fun for the players and the developers.

Jacques: Thinking ahead. Organizing and Prepping files for fast turn around, for projects that may be due the same day. If you carefully think ahead, and take the time to know the ins and outs of your current project, you can save your self time and headaches …

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Slam Bolt Scrappers in the new FF (Fantastic Four) Comic Book?

Ahh, friends, there you are. Come join me as we unravel a mystery of cosmic proportions. Our head comic book aficionado, Jason, has pointed me towards a strange sighting in the new (first) issue of FF – which is a relaunch of the Fantastic Four where they call themselves the Future Foundation and replace the Human Torch (who is apparently dead) with a black and white Spider-Man. See below to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

Back to the controversy! Jason flips the book open to a page where the FF crew and some alien children are gathered around a TV playing a game. They are losing. OBSERVE:



This does, in fact, appear to be a screenshot of an early prototype of Slam Bolt Scrappers – probably the build we showed off at PAX Prime 2010. I’ve highlighted a few items for my case in the picture below.

The first thing to jump out at me was the HUD on …

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Best Mash-ups OF ALL TIME!! Or at least some of my favorites

One of the first things people talk about after playing Slam Bolt Scrappers is that, above all else, it’s a mash-up of building and brawling.  Players have to fight their opponents while building magnificently destructive towers – the best players I’ve seen make sure to balance their play style among both mechanics, not spending too much time on either single element, but managing to do both at once.  Mash-ups aren’t a new thing, though, and while the game is unique because of the genres it combines, people have been doing mash-ups SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME.

Here are some of my favorite mash-ups:

Transmetropolitan – Gonzo Journalism x Sci-Fi

Transmetropolitan, possibly Warren Ellis’s best known comic, is a crazy mash-up of genres, and to a lesser extent, mediums.  The plot revolves around the Hunter S Thompson clone, Spider Jerusalem, committing wild acts of gonzo journalism in a dystopian megacity sometime in the far future.  Think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but dirtier, and in the future.  …

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