Go Home Dinosaurs (Proudly) Delayed!

Most of the time a delay of a game is met with some hand-wringing, some doom-saying, some  finger-pointing, some cynical-…talking? Sometimes a delay means that a game is in a mess of development crud and the sheer enormity of issues has forced the developer or publisher to hold off. Other times a game just isn’t quite ready to be released and could use a little more time in the development vats where games are formed.

Other times a game starts looking pretty awesome near to when it is supposed to come out and the devs go “wow, we’ve made a lot of progress in a super-short amount of time… why don’t we ride this wave a little longer and make our good game totally awesome?” That’s kind of where Go Home Dinosaurs is at present.

For the past several months we’ve been saying the game would be out by the end of the year, something we took very seriously internally. We even had builds that were basically ready to go. But we looked at how far we had come and realized just how much more polish …

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BioShock Monopoly! Would you kindly collect $200 as you pass go?

Hello Fire Hose friends.

Perhaps on Halloween you stumbled across an article on Kotaku about how you, yes you, can play BioShock Monopoly for free. If you did not see it there you might have seen it on GamesRadar, GamePro, or The Escapist . There are other sites that it is appearing on as well….

As it turns out this board game was not made by a 20 something art student in Canada, as some sources are reporting, but was actually created by your’s truly.

It may be hard to believe but I like BioShock.

This is me, dressed as a Little Sister, holding onto Songbird while standing next to Delta across from Elizabeth.

Before coming to work at Fire Hose I taught at a charter school called The Renaissance School for the Arts. There I taught a …

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Tax Incentives in MA for Video Games

In his June 12 Op-Ed in the Globe, Jeff Jacoby (@jeff_jacoby) writes that “the video game industry wants to be bribed to do business in Massachusetts.”

He goes on to describe how the state shouldn’t pick winners when it comes to businesses.  That tax benefits have not worked in the past for the green industry, movie industry, or for mutual funds.  Each of these industries is completely different, and the attempt to apply a single rule to all markets is a fallacy.  In fact, there have been incentive programs in Massachusetts that have worked extraordinarily well, bringing in jobs and revenue into the state.  A fine example of this is illustrated in the success of the biotech industry in Massachusetts.

As State Rep. Vincent Pedone (Worchester Dem.) has pointed out in the past, “Twenty-five or 30 years ago, no one in the commonwealth knew what biotechnology was, and it has now become a critical part of our Massachusetts economy. We think …

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