T-Rex wants steak. T-Rex wants YOUR steak. Are you gonna let him take it? No way! Go Home, Dinosaurs!

Prevent hordes of marauding dinos from crashing your party in the world’s premier BBQ defense simulator, Go Home Dinosaurs! Lead your gopher army into BBQ-protecting-battle; Build your battlefield using puzzle piece shaped weapons. Unlock and discover new weapons as you continue to keep those Dinos at bay!

Enjoy bite-sized levels with family friendly graphics in Go Home Dinosaurs! Out now on Steam for PC!

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Build and brawl in this fast and frantic mash-up! Race your opponents to build the most powerful towers in Slam Bolt City while defending against deceptively adorable baddies and hugely epic bosses. Create weapons that shoot lasers, drills, missiles, and more to annihilate your adversary. Battle in four-player co-op campaign mode, or go head-to-head for more brawling and block-building awesomeness.

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Battle robots on snow capped mountaintops!

Challenge your friends on an island paradise!

Brawl your way to victory!







 Fire Hose Work For Hire

Dance Central: Local Boston developer, Harmonix, contracted us for our expertise in player interfaces for the hit dancing Kinect game, Dance Central, which came out November 2010 for the Xbox 360. Our studio worked as a self managed team to develop early prototypes for DC, going as far to work with dancers to make all of the moves authentic.


Ms. Splosion Man: Twisted Pixel needed some help porting Ms. Splosion Man to the PC. We took their code base and assets and moved the entire game over, working with both Microsoft and 3rd party QA along the way.



Rock Band Blitz: We worked alongside Harmonix a second time during the development of Rock Band Blitz. We were integrated directly with the Blitz development team for the entirety of production, tackling large amounts of code, design, art, and planning work.



We’re working on a DARPA backed project. It’s really exciting stuff that will make our the lives of our troops and the civilians they interact with safer. This project won’t be available commercially.