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We pay good salaries, have good benefits and are a fun place to work. We welcome people with diverse voices from diverse backgrounds, and encourage all to apply.

Current Openings

Simulation Programmer

We’re looking to hire a programmer to work on a new project starting in April. It’s a low fidelity simulation of a real world environment (people, buildings etc.) for a long term research project, serious games work. Engine is likely UE4, though there’s a chance we could do Unity. It’s a small team with just you and one artist, so we’re looking for a strong coder who likes to take a leadership position.

The research project is 3 days/week so we’re open to part time, but we’d prefer to hire full time and then spend the other 2 days/week on our own games (Unity). While we’re located in Cambridge MA and would prefer working in house (we can pay relocation expenses) we are also open to remote collaboration if moving doesn’t work.