Fire Hose is Hiring!

Do you want to work for an awesome indie studio in one of the hippest places on Earth? Fire Hose Games in Cambridge Massachusetts is hiring!

Take a look at our jobs page; We are looking for an Art Director, a Programmer, a 3D Animator, and a 3D Artist to join our team.

Working for us comes with all kinds of perks:

1. You will have unfettered access to chairs with wheels on them!

2. You can draw on our whiteboard with up to four colors at a time!

3. We have snacks, so many snacks, and you can partake in them!

4. We play Dominion!

5. We have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan in place!

6. Some have said that working for us gives you +5 in Speechcraft within Skyrim (yet to be proven)

7.  We make video games!

You psyched? Sure you are. Take a look at the postings and apply.

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