Fire Hose Games Humbly Presents: ‘The Official Slam Bolt Scrappers Trailer, Best Trailer of All Trailers’

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN … to the March 15th release of Slam Bolt Scrappers on the PlayStation Network. To help steady your mind and ready your fingers for this slamtacular mash-up of brawling and building headed for your living rooms, allow me to humbly present: “The Official Slam Bolt Scrappers Trailer, Best Trailer of All Trailers.” Bask in its weaponized-block-filled glory!

Slam Bolt Scrappers is an epic game about blocks and baddies, friends and foes, building and destruction. The journey began long ago: We had discovered a powerful recipe by deciphering encrypted instructions found on ancient stone tablets.  We followed this recipe for millennia, meticulously mixing strange ingredients from exotic locales.  The result is a game with the perfect combination of multiplayer beat-em-up brawling and strategic puzzling.  The result is Slam Bolt Scrappers. *cue epic music*

In SBS, players fly through the air above their team’s tower, punching cthuloid grubs to get colored blocks.  Placing these blocks into squares of the same color turns them into powerful weapons that automatically attack their opponent’s tower.  By …

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NEW BLOCK ALERT: Orange Ping Pongs!

Ping Pongs:

Stop some attacks from hitting your tower Reflect these attacks right back at your enemy’s blocks Make lasers bounce back and forth across the screen in an awesomely psychedelic light show that makes Pink Floyd jealous

The basic defensive options in Slam Bolt Scrappers come down to the blue shield blocks, which I talked about yesterday, and the awesomely powerful, rocket powered orange ping pong paddles you see above.  Instead of fortifying your tower, orange ping pong blocks have the unique ability to reflect incoming attacks from your opponent’s weapons.  So, not only do they prevent your tower from getting hurt, but they deal that damage right back at your enemy.  Missiles flying at your tower?  Just knock ’em back with ping pong paddles.  Lasers shooting towards your blocks?  Your ping pong paddles got it covered.  Their awesome combination of offensive and defensive qualities make ping pong blocks a crucial part of any scrapping strategy.  Not to mention that it looks really cool to …

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slam bolt scrappers purple laser gun

Basic Block types in SBS

We’ve managed to pack Slam Bolt Scrappers with a ton of cool block types that help players out in different ways.  Some are great for offense, some are great for defense, all make you a better looking person.  With our release fast approaching, it’s time to start explaining what all these blocks do.  What better place to start than with the three blocks that started it all? These are the blocks that I refer to as “the classics”: Red missile blocks, purple laser blocks, and blue shield blocks.  Let the edumacating begin.


Attack baddies, opponents, and blocks (sometimes all at once!) Fire a spread shot that targets multiple things Follow their targets with bleeding edge military grade homing technology

There’s something to be said about raining down destruction on someone with a huge barrage of missiles.  Causing explosions all over your opponent’s tower is bound to strike fear into even the most seasoned scrappers.  While a 2×2 (two blocks high, two blocks wide) can do some damage with a single missile, missile launchers 3×3 and bigger fire …

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