Carneyvale: Showtime a IGF Grand Prize Finalist!

So it’s no secret that Fire Hose is a huge fan of GAMBIT (especially considering that both Sharat and I are graduates of the lab) – hell, we pop over there on a regular basis to steal their food and drinks. Well, two years ago when we were making AudiOdyssey a separate Wii Remote project was being made, Wiip. The game was popular enough that the Singapore branch of the lab decided to make an XBox Community port of the game, and the result is the massively popular new title, Carneyvale: Showtime.

As a matter of fact, the game has done so well that it is now a finalist for the Seumas McNally grand prize in the Independant Game Festival awards! This is huge news, and the teamthat made the game couldn’t be more deserving. Congratulations to everyone involved, even the creepy voice over narrator who scares the bejesus out of me.

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